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How Do You Filter the Noise? Opening day!

All of this “noise” – whether it’s Twitter, stupid Facebook posts, email pings, television commercials, YouTube ads, YouTube videos, RSS feeds – is really starting to overload my synapses. I’ve been trying to stream line processes but the more research I do, the louder things seem to get. So, I’m going to ask you, How […]

Social Media Meastro – Matt Royse

  Matt Royse works as the Marketing Communications Manager at Forsythe Technology in Chicago.  Even though we don’t get to hang out as often, I always enjoy Matt’s company, insight and opinion.  He runs a blog, where I was recently interviewed for an interesting #Follow Friday post. You can also follow him on twitter.  Matt […]

The Dinner Party Download

Feel like your topics of conversation are a bit dull?  Out of the loop when it comes to small talk?  Well, the Dinner Party Download is for you! Their goal: “To quickly and entertainingly provide listeners with all the unconventional information necessary to (metaphorically) vanquish conversational foes.” Each week, hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis […]

Brazen blogger tweets miscarriage…and I love her for it.

Penelope Trunk blogs, founded three internet start-ups and demonstrates amazing writing ability.  I’m a huge admirer of her work and a member of Brazen Careerist, one of her internet companies to help job seekers. In late September, she posted a rather catching tweet from work: I’m in a board meeting. Having a miscarriage. Thank goodness, […]

Crisis Frustration

I was a little worried this morning when I paroused the Pittsburgh Business Times and discovered our company was laying off 500 managers.  I was even more worried when, at lunch, I heard that five very seasoned professionals (one employed for over 23 years) had just been laid off.  My boss, who is just getting back from vacation, called in a […]