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Dreams of Austin and a ‘Banging’ Body

For whatever reason, I was up at 5:22 this morning. That’s not a bad thing…at least today. I’ve been wanting to get my ass out of bed early for a while because over the last week, I’ve done nothing but procrastinate the departure of the best pillow-top mattress in existence (or so it seems). I’ve […]

Social Media Part 3 – Boosting Positive Brand Image

Today summer officially ends. I’m sad since the northern half of the U.S. didn’t see much summer at all.  We had some amazing days, to be sure, but the whole “hot” part of summer never came ’round.  I can count on one hand the number of days I actually got to swim, attend barbecues or […]

Seth’s Blog: Who gets to decide what you want?

Sometime Seth hits the nail on the head.  This is one of those times. Take  a minute to read his post and let me know what you think.  Seth’s Blog: Who gets to decide what you want? Posted using ShareThis