Stop Thinking

Every once in a while, I need to hit “Ctrl + Alt + Delete”.  This process helps me to reset my mind, and really get out of the craziness of doing too much. I need a reminder that life is worth living; not about work and wasting the precious time we have on this little blue […]

All, I apologize for the mass email but my email account was hacked last night. You may have received messages from me between 6-10 hours ago. DO NOT OPEN THE MESSAGE OR CLICK ON ANY OF THE LINKS. It may cause harm to your devices. I have reset all of my passwords and things should […]

All of this “noise” – whether it’s Twitter, stupid Facebook posts, email pings, television commercials, YouTube ads, YouTube videos, RSS feeds – is really starting to overload my synapses. I’ve been trying to stream line processes but the more research I do, the louder things seem to get. So, I’m going to ask you, How […]


I’ve had ‘confrontations’ with myself for years now, simply because I know I should be doing things that continuously make myself better. And by better, I mean refocusing my efforts to live life to the fullest – being a better friend, brother, son, uncle, employee; working out a little more; drinking a little less; traveling […]

Take a look at this. And even though I’m not an Apple user, it’s still nice to get inspiration.

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When I was sixteen I thought I was a good writer. I had won a National writing competition with a magical realism novella, and the sister of a long dead, famous Romanian poet we were studying in high-school told me I wrote just like him. This kind of gets to…


New Photoset: New York City Just uploaded the final pictures from New York. Check them out!

I was recently part of a team tasked with marketing a huge professional development / networking event. The event wasn’t attended well and was probably our worst rated event, based on survey responses. We (thought) we did everything right. Great speakers. A great venue. We tied in a networking session followed by the actual presentation. […]


Over the past few months I’ve been wallowing in my sorrows. Not sure where it comes from or how it started. I’ve been feeling this huge sense of latency and beguilement, hoping to find some answers from within or maybe even look for a sign. It’s interesting to me how intspiration can come from the […]